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Posted on 2016-02-23 by Author SandiegogaragedoorAdmin

Garage door springs, usually counterbalance the weight of the door for easier opening and closing. They serve a similar purpose of counter weights which were used to balance doors in early centuries and even in some doors today.

There are two distinct types of springs used on various garage doors. Torsion springs are commonly attached only above the closed garage door while extension springs are set above the upper tracks on both ends.

Like many people, perhaps you have paid little attention to your garage door springs. There is absolutely no single section of your garage door and garage door opener which is more crucial for raising and lowering of the door. That is one major reason for paying considerable attention to the springs.

garage door maintenance

If the springs fail at their job, they will cause a lot of problems. Here are 5 major problems associated with garage door springs:

1. The Door Shimmies Side to Side and Moves Unequally

The simplest way to fix unevenly opening the garage door is by removing debris or an obstruction coming on the way of the tracks or different part.
If not, then check the spring’s quality. They should stretch the equivalent size should have equal length. On diff doors with different types of openers, the motors which stretch spring may be faulty. You may have to replace it as soon as possible.

2. Garage Door Falls very Fast When Lowering It

A closing garage door can pose a high risk of injury to persons who are closing or opening it. This problem is caused by overly loose springs or broken cables.
With the door in the closed point, carefully inspect all the parts which are determine the cause of the problem. Don’t replace cables or springs on your own, instead, call a professional garage door repair personnel.

3. Insulation. A well-insulated garage door ensures that your property is safe from adverse weather conditions and also saves on the energy bills. It is therefore wise to select a door which is already insulated or that which you insulate with ease.

4. Excessive Noises When Closing or Opening the Garage Door

Loud grinding, screeching or squealing noises arising from the garage door springs may have the unequal stiffness which results in the high imbalance of the door. This results in a poorly positioned door which might lead to excessive noise during operation. Check the quality of the springs.
Use a standard hardware lubricant like a WD-40 or oil specifically designed for garage doors, on all the door tracks, springs or cables. Run the garage door up and down for some time to determine if the issue is fixed.

5. Garage Door Spring Brackets separation

Garage door springs are usually attached to brackets at the bottom of the garage door. Like the springs, these brackets are also under immense tension and sometimes it may separate easily.
Therefore, it should only be adjusted or maintained by a professional. Latest models of garage doors have special tamper resistant brackets which prevent the curious but inexperienced people from getting into trouble

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