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Posted on 2016-01-29 by Author SandiegogaragedoorAdmin

Garage doors are expensive. But proper maintenance can prolong the life of a garage door. There are garage door businesses such as San Diego Garage Door Masters that undertake not only installation and repairs of garage doors but also garage door maintenance. However, homeowner can also periodically inspect the garage door and all the systems connected with it to prevent a major break down or damage to the garage door system.

Here are some important tips for maintaining garage doors for layman.


1. Listen

Any unusual or heightened scraping or grinding sound is a warning that something is wrong.

2. Look

Is there any jerk in the way the garage door is opening? Or is there uneven movement? If so, don’t delay calling the professionals as it can lead to major mishap.

3. Tighten the garage door hardware

The mechanism of opening the garage door creates some vibrations and over a period, the screws and other fittings associated with the garage door opening may start to loosen up. Periodic inspection ensures that there are no mishaps. It also prevents major damage to the garage door, and consequent expenditure.

4. Balance of your garage door

If the garage door opener is struggling to maintain the balance the garage door panel, then both the garage door opener as well as garage door panel as well as opener are at risk, not to mention the springs. In fact, it is an indication that springs in the system are not properly balanced. To know whether the balance is right disconnect the opener first, and try lifting the garage door up. If it is unable to remain there, you need to call the professionals. Trying to repair any garage door spring related problems without the required tools and expertise can be very risky.

5. Are the rollers fine?

Usually, the garage door maintenance work may merely involve only replacement of rollers, which may wear, crack or chip. Both nylon as well as steel rollers give way. They need to be inspected once in every six months. Usually though these roller can last up to six to seven years.

6. Insulation problems

One of the garage door maintenance tasks is checking and replacing the insulation also known as weather stripping. Such insulation cracks or becomes brittle. Though this is a DIY job, availing services of professionals is better as garage door insulation does affect the weight of the door, and consequently other interlinked parts. Moreover, required tools may not be available with the homeowner.

7. Parts that move need oiling

Lubrication is necessary in almost any machine and here there are chains and drives apart from screws, rivets, springs, etc. All these need periodic lubrication and even cleaning as dust and grime does accumulate there. Some of these things can be cleaned without professional assistance, but for others, services of professionals are needed. Lithium grease is normally used on garage door opener’s screws as well as chains and drives. For lubricating the springs, there are sprays with lubricants in them.

8. Cables give way

Those cables can cause major mishap and need to be periodically replaced. Heavier the garage door, more frequently would you need to inspect the cables because such high tension cabling does have limitations. Usually broken strands are visible, and all that is needed is look at those cables every other week. The end near the roller bracket can also get damaged because of problem with this cabling.

9. Clean those tracks

Tracks tend to get filled with dirt and grime and periodically such grime and dirt may have to be cleaned for the garage door to function efficiently.

10. Automation inspection

Nowadays garage doors have been improved enough to prevent accidents. There are mechanical as well photoelectric technologies integrated for preventing accidents. Whether these technologies are still intact needs to be checked. It is possible to place a wooden piece and let the the garage door come down till it reaches it. The moment the garage door touches the wooden piece, it needs to start rolling upwards. If not, professional needs to be called. Likewise, if the homeowner places his or her foot on the path of garage door, the door needs to stop on its path and reverse.


Garage maintenance services offered by garage door businesses are worth spending on as parts in garage door are expensive. Moreover, there can be risks of theft, or being stranded outside the home. Many people have also sustained injuries as they did not maintain their garages as needed. Professionals and experienced personnel are likely to inspect every problem and do a perfect job. They will also provided some guarantees, which does not come with any DIY garage door maintenance.

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